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Le Concert de la Reine brings back to light forgotten masterpieces composed for voices and treble viols. The viol, which was so popular in the baroque era, allows a wide range of colours and dynamics, on which a voice can develop its most intimate beauty.


Le Concert de la Reine intends to give it back its former glory, by proposing concerts with a strong poetical identity.


The ensemble was formed in October 2020 by Chloé de Guillebon with graduates of the Schola Cantorum Basiliensis, on the occasion of her final Master recital. It is as much the excitement of the repertoire as the desire of continuing to play music together that led to the creation of the ensemble.


The name of the ensemble is a reference to Marie-Thérèse d’Autriche, spouse of Louis XIV, and Anne de

Brabant, spouse of Charles II, for whom Dumont and Locke respectively worked.




GLORIOSA                                                                  more informations :

The program Gloriosa revolves around the figure of the women in the 17th French music. Mlle de Guise was one of the main figures in the Parisian musical life, thanks to the resident ensemble at her palace. Charpentier worked for her and composed many pieces for this ensemble. Likewise, Dumont dedicated his first publication, Cantica Sacra to Charlotte d’Ailly, before being Maître de Musique to the Queen. In addition to all this, the program highlights powerful religious women including Maria Magdalena, St Cecilia, and Susanne.

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